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About Prodoh

When you can't find a decent kids fishing shirt anywhere there's only one thing to do – make it yourself. Yep. These two dads, who also happen to be avid fisherman, took matters into their own hands and created what is now Prodoh.

DJ Doherty and Evan Proffitt created this fun and functional outdoor apparel company to not only provide great sun protection for little ones, but to also GET KIDS OUTDOORS. Both DJ and Evan grew up in the woods and on the water doing all the things outdoorsman love to do. Hunting, fishing, crabbing, splashing and sunning was not just a way to pass the time, it was – and still is – a way of life. They learned patience while "waiting for the big one" and discovered the grace of God in the beauty that surrounded them.

We are proud to see PRODOH reaching more and more children everyday across the country. Please take note of our new items including new colors, bathing suits and performance tees and we looking forward to having you as part of our growth this spring season!