Beach Bum Bucket Hat - Prodoh Blue

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“Keep that hat on your head at ALL times!” has been ingrained in most of our minds from birth! Wasn’t it always so hard though?? The hats were hot, flew off on the boat, or stuck to your head once wet. No wonder we didn’t want to wear them! It’s time we changed that! Our new Beach Bum Bucket Hats are made with everyone’s favorite quick dry fabric which, of course, is UPF 50+ (like way +++). Under the flipside of the hat, you’ll see a navy sweatband.  We thought this would prevent sunscreen stains. But, if a stain does show up, throw it in the washing machine and relax knowing our stain resistant fabric will kick that grime to the curb. Toggle adjuster allows for the perfect fit and the breakaway chinstrap has been added for safety, just in case. Hats come in 3 colors and all have navy fish embroidery, get back here loop, air vents, and a sea of navy printed fish under the brim. We’ll look for you, somewhere on a beach…        


*UPF 50+

*Breakaway Chin Strap

*Toggle Adjuster

*Stain Resistant

*Machine Washable

*Quick Dry

*Mesh Sweatband

*Fish Print Under the Brim

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