cotton t-shirt with sea trout and grouper fish on backcotton t-shirt with sea trout and grouper fish on back
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PRODOH provides functional, classic clothing options that can easily transition from playtime to dinner time, all while encouraging outdoor fun!


We’ve thought of everything to keep your Kiddos comfy, cool and safe. Keep an eye out for our special feature items.

Great outdoor play requires comfy breathable clothing. PRODOH's Sporty Snap Pullover is UPF 50, lightweight for layering, and still classic with the stand up snap collar.
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$ 37.20


PRODOH is more than a kid’s fishing shirt. It captures the heart and soul of what it means to live life as a family. It’s a father teaching his daughter how to bait her own hook or showing his son the true meaning of a sportsman. It’s family beach pictures on the dunes, swim meets, popsicles and boat rides in the creek. It’s falling and getting back up. It’s failing and trying again. It’s trying something new and sometimes being uncomfortable. It’s learning how to bea team player or to take responsibility. But above all, it’s the childhood memories we cherish most because they made us who we are today.