Behind the Brand: The Story of Two Dads who Founded PRODOH


PRODOH was created for families who live and play outside. It’s a brand made to be versatile, durable and reliable for outdoor activities, yet polished enough to be worn out to dinner.

The PRODOH brand was founded on the passion and ambition of two dads who shared a vision to make a kids fishing shirt that is functional, comfortable and provides sun protection for every kid embracing the outdoors on boat, land or sea. 

It was dreamed up by two dads, and is now a company managed by moms.

In honor of Father’s Day this year, we want to share the story behind PRODOH and how two dads turned their love for fishing with their kids into a successful business…

Evan Proffitt and DJ Doherty love to fish. But when they started having kids of their own and shared their love of fishing with them, they realized they couldn’t find a children’s fishing shirt that was lightweight, comfortable and offered sun protection. They quickly decided that if they couldn’t find a decent kids fishing shirt anywhere, then there was only one thing to do– make one!

So they did just that. These two avid fishermen took matters into their own hands and built the brand that is now PRODOH. With zero design or retail experience, they took their wish list of features they wanted in a kids fishing shirt, and two years later developed the first fishing shirt under the brand PRODOH– the company name formed from the first half of Evan PROffit’s and DJ DOHerty’s last names. They chose the redfish for the brand logo because it is a fish notable for the tough fight it gives when hooked, and because redfish are highly prized in the sport fishing scene. 

Evan and DJ started selling their fishing shirts to big-box outdoor stores and local bait and tackle shops (because that’s where they bought their own clothes). But they quickly realized there was just one problem…dads don’t buy clothes for their kids– moms do!

So in 2013, they enlisted their wives, Mell and Stacey, to develop the vision for a youth apparel and lifestyle brand and bring it to fruition. The moms hit the road on weekends and peddled the PRODOH fishing shirt to boutiques. And by 2017, the small PRODOH line was being carried in stores across the south and gradually expanded to sell shorts, skorts, pants, performance tees, swimwear, and hats for both boys and girls. 

Since that time, the company has grown its collections and internal team, set up a distribution center in Charlotte, NC, and set up e-commerce at

PRODOH clothes are always comfortable, breathable, functional, machine-washable, durable for generations, with performance UPF50+ fabrics, and the signature “Get Back Here” loop for hanging up wet tees and pulling a curious toddler back from the edge of the boat. 

Evan and DJ are still involved in the creative process, especially in choosing the signature fish for each collection’s inspiration. And with a crew of moms creating all the details that go into each piece of PRODOH clothing, you can be sure that you’re getting incredible value and guaranteed quality.

PRODOH was founded on promises, passion, perseverance and being present– a legacy of lessons for our children.


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