New Year, Fresh Catch. Cotton tees are here!

cotton t-shirt with sea trout and grouper fish on back

It’s a new year… and exciting things are happening at PRODOH!

What better way to kick off the new year than with the launch of our new cotton Vintage Fish T-shirt line for kids!

For us, a cotton tee is more than just a shirt. It’s a comfortable, high-quality soft crew neck t-shirt made for kids to be worn making memories and experiencing life outdoors–or indoors.

For the moms who fight their kids who want to wear sweats every day to school, we hear you. To the parents or guardians who spend more time convincing their child to put on clothes or to wear anything other than pajamas, we see you.

This t-shirt line provides your child with the comfort that they desire, and you with the style you hope your child will happily embrace. It’s truly the perfect fit and the soft feel is great for everyday wear.

 We chose the colors and fish designs for these kids cotton t-shirts with the help and feedback from you, our customers. And we decided to launch the t-shirt line with two of our most sought after fish designs, the grouper and the spotted seatrout.


Our heather gray tee features the grouper in light blue and the heather red tee features the rendition of the spotted seatrout in navy (a dedicated design for our sport fishing southerners).

Want to know a few interesting facts about the fish featured on our shirts?

The black grouper design was created in 2020 and was featured on our signature performance t-shirts. Black grouper are found in the western Atlantic ocean from Massachusetts down to Brazil, and are commonly associated with the southern Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, Florida Keys and islands throughout the Caribbean. They grow up to five feet long, weighing up to 180 pounds, and can live up to 30 years!

The speckled trout design was created in 2019 and was featured on our performance t-shirts. Speckled trout are one of the most popular sport fish along the Texas coast and most common saltwater fish in the state of Louisiana. While the females can live up to 12 years old, males are lucky if they live to age 5. More than 70% of speckled trout in an ecosystem are 3 years old or younger. They are known to have a very prominent set of two fang-like K-9 teeth in their upper jaw.

We are excited about this new t-shirt launch and can’t wait to see what other classic designs we bring back for our kids cotton tees each season.

This product launch stands by our goal at PRODOH which is to always provide functional clothing that’s both kid and mom approved.

The PRODOH Vintage Fish T-shirts  are machine washable and designed, printed and packaged in the USA.  

Check them out. Share with us your #PRODOHmoments by tagging us @prodohkids.

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  • Mary Beth Spivey

    I enjoyed reading about the two fish species you featured. Since we live on a lake and enjoy spending time on the coast, I find it interesting and educational. I plan to share it with my young grandson.

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