Meet Pro and Doh

Two dads with a big idea.. that's how PRODOH got started. Back in 2009, Evan Proffitt and DJ Doherty were looking for fishing shirts for the oldest Doherty when they realized this type of shirt did not exist for kids. These two dads found a need in the children's play-wear market and started what we now know as PRODOH.


Mell and Evan Proffitt are both Greenville, SC natives. Evan attended the Citadel while Mell went to the University of South Carolina. While they knew each other in high school, they didn't reconnect until post college. They have beautiful twin daughters, Grace and Josie, who are an inspiration to PRODOH collections.





Stacey and DJ Doherty are both also from Greenville, SC. Stacey and DJ have known each other almost their whole life meeting in elementary school. They started dating in high school and the rest was history. DJ went to the University of South Carolina while Stacey attended Clemson University. They have three adorable children, Dutch (who inspired the original fishing shirt), Lane, and Anna Pearse. 


So you see, Prodoh is more than a product or youth apparel line. Prodoh is about promises, passion, perserverance, and being present. A legacy of lessons for our children. So do yourself a favor and take a kid outdoors! We caught Prodoh, who knows what will happen to you!


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