Why Moms Choose PRODOH for their Anglers


Evan and DJ may have developed the fishing shirt under the brand name PRODOH, but it didn’t take long to realize that selling PRODOH fishing shirts at just the big-box outdoor stores and local bait and tackle shops wasn’t going to cut it. There was one thing they realized… dad’s don’t buy the clothes for their kids– moms do!

So in 2013 they enlisted their wives, Mell and Stacey, to develop the vision for a youth apparel and lifestyle brand and bring it to fruition. Since then, the brand has expanded and is now sold in stores across the southeast (and of course online at prodoh.com).

And we could not have done it without our PRODOH women behind the scenes, our own PRODOH moms (who know what moms look for in kids outdoor clothing)!

Let’s take a look at why moms choose PRODOH clothing for their anglers!

If you are a mom looking for the perfect kids fishing shirt and outdoor performance tees for your little angler, PRODOH has you covered. Our performance and cotton polos, swimwear, fishing shirts, swimwear, shorts and skorts are designed to be comfortable, stylish and functional. They are built to last so you can be sure your kids are playing outdoors in style for years to come. And most importantly, they offer four things you can’t find in just any kids (or adult) clothing line…

  1. UPF 50+ protection

  2. Cute and functional designs

  3. Quick-drying material

  4. Machine washable

UPF 50+ Protection

We know the importance of protecting your kids from the damaging rays of the sun. PRODOH products like our fishing shirts, performance hoodies and t-shirts offer UPF 50+ protection, which blocks out 97.5% of all the dangerous UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This gives moms a much-needed peace of mind knowing that their little anglers are well-protected when fishing and playing outdoors.

Our UPF 50+ fabric is lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear, making it the ideal choice for outdoor activities. The material is also highly durable and won't fade or wear out over time, so you can trust that your child's sun protection won't let them down. 

 Cute and Functional Designs

PRODOH has taken inspiration from both the land and the sea to create functional and stylish designs for adult and kids’ fishing shirts, swimwear, tshirts, polos and more. From classic prints with stripes and solid colors, to unique local watercolor prints, Prodoh has something for everyone.

The graphics you see on the back of our performance tees, sweatshirts, inside lining of outerwear and on swimwear have been custom designed by two amazingly talented local artists, Rhem Galloway and Marquin Campbell. These artists enjoy spending time outdoors making life-long memories with their families, and they have been long-time customers of our brand. We love showcasing their work and being able to bring such a special element to our collections. 

Quick-Drying Material

Most of our PRODOH line clothes are made with quick-drying material that keeps your kids cool and dry. The material is lightweight and breathable, perfect for those hot summer days on the lake, beach or sea. Plus, the fabric is fast drying so that even if your child gets a little wet, they will still be comfortable. This quick-drying material is also great because it won’t weigh down your kid’s clothing, allowing them to stay active while they fish. 


Moms love that PRODOH clothing is machine-washable. Our fabrics are designed to retain their original shape and color wash after wash, meaning your child’s PRODOH fishing shirt will look just as good after a summer of fishing as it did when you first bought it. Plus, the fabric is made to be durable enough to last through the rough and tumble of a kid’s lifestyle and can be passed down to their little brother or sister when they outgrow it.  

It's true that kids are messy, and spills happen, but parents don't need to panic. PRODOH-brand clothes won't shrink, fade or pill in the wash, so kids can feel comfortable playing hard and creating mess. PRODOH is the go-to outfit for kids. The comfy designs themselves are the appeal, and the practicality is a bonus.